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Cyber Security

Maintain & Secure your network.


Cybersecurity is a process, not a single project or product. Despite having systems to help protect your company against common threats, newer, more savvy cyberattacks are on the rise.
Cybersecurity threats such as malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and zero-day vulnerabilities require constant vigilance and proactive measures to safeguard the infrastructure. Act now to protect your business by getting an IT assessment from EAG’s trusted, CISSP Certified Staff. EAG’s cybersecurity team developed a predictive prevention process to dismantle threats and secure your network.

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We Provide Clients With

Advanced Threat Detection

Security Assessments

Proactive Support and Monitoring

Asset Protection

Penetration Testing

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IT Due Diligence

IT due diligence involves evaluating a company’s IT infrastructure, security, and processes with an aim to ensure better valuation, risk mitigation as well as an understanding of whether the target’s IT has what it takes to support the business in achieving its strategic objectives. 

 Most of the expected value creation from acquisitions is directly linked to the success of the IT integration. EAG’s team is comprised of highly experienced professionals with relevant industry background and who have either managed an IT operation or have been heavily involved with asset acquisition due diligence and integration projects. 

We Provide Clients With

Evaluation of Current State IT Technology & Infrastructure 

Evaluation of Hardware, Network & Communications Architecture 

consulting services: program management

Internal Documentation Review & Build Out 

AFE report pack example

Budget Review & Planning 

Lease operating statement report pack example

Contract Review & Negotiation

Staffing Review & Planning

Security Assessments 

IT Outsourcing Services: special projects

Proposed IT Architecture

IT Roadmap

AP, JIB and AR Report Pack

Due Diligence Report

Financial Report Pack

Full Cost Modeling & Optionality

Implementation & Transition Plans

Case Studies

“We deliver full-spectrum IT, including cloud and infrastructure, cyber security, IT due diligence, service desk and field support, architecture rationalization, and more with a goal to stabilize and optimize IT for our clients.”

Curtis Forsyth
Vice President, Information Technology

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