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Why Oil & Gas Companies Should Consider IT Outsourcing

Efficient and practical field operations have been the lifeblood of the oil and gas industry for over a century. Therefore, you must ensure that your field offices are in tip-top shape, especially when it comes to 21st-century technology. Investing in high-quality outsourced IT field support guarantees that your devices, integrations, and data are maintained so your people can do their best work. By working with an established third-party IT outsourcing company, your business will gain the following benefit by gaining access to the following:

  • Deep experience and knowledge provided by IT experts
  • Comprehensive service, not just your standard IT help desk
  • Lowered costs with holistic oversight
  • Improved efficiency by only working with one vendor
  • Increased access to top products and software upgrades
  • Tactical and strategic planning for overall budget and IT strategy
  • Enhanced peace of mind so you can focus on your business

We want to help you understand how dedicated IT services will help you grow.

#1 Deep Experience

It’s simple: you work in oil and gas, not in information technology. Yes, you use contemporary technology to streamline your operations and gather more pertinent data than ever, but that doesn’t mean you know how it all works. And you certainly don’t know what to do if something breaks.

By hiring experts who live and breathe IT, you can spend more of your day-to-day time in the actual field with your people and processes instead of in a backroom navigating servers.

#2 Comprehensive Services

The applications you use to drive business are nuanced and sensitive, which means the technology you incorporate to track its effectiveness and accuracy has to be equally top-notch. You need more than just a couple of hired hands taking care of your computer systems in their off-time between other projects. You need someone to do this work full-time.

Outsourcing your IT field support also means that you gain knowledgeable IT consultants, but their entire company backs them up with a full suite of tools and services. You’re essentially gaining the expertise of an entire IT firm.

#3 Reduces Costs

This benefit closely follows #2 in that, by choosing an IT outsourcing company to help with your field services, you’re paying for the knowledge of an entire company. How does this save money? Instead of paying one person internally – which includes salary, bonus, benefits, and more – you’re taking that same amount of money (and often less!) for an entire team, plus that company’s other products and customer service. By working with a single vendor, you can streamline your budgeting, manage software contracts, proactively manage your integrations, and enjoy 24/7/365 access to your IT team

#4 Improved Efficiency

Nothing says, “Work smarter and harder” than ensuring that the right people are doing the right work with the right experience. A single outsourced IT professional will be able to diagnose, analyze, and correct any problem you might have with your systems and data faster than your entire staff of oil and gas professionals.

Instead of always stressing out over servers, systems, databases, and other sundry equipment, outsourcing IT can create more time for you to focus on your day-to-day jobs. The more time you spend on your actual work, the smoother your company will run.

#5 Increased Access to Top Knowledge

Expanding from benefit #1, working with a managed service provider for your IT field support gives you access to the most up-to-date information and industry insights. Any typical full-time staffer you’d hire would spend most of their time monitoring and maintaining your current systems. A dedicated IT outsourcing partner has more bandwidth to keep up with the trends and ensure their clients regularly improve their technology stack. Again, this arrangement helps you benefit from working with a full company of IT experts, not just the one person who’s on staff.

#6 Tactical and Strategic Planning

You might have noticed a theme so far: it’s easier to solve problems on the spot when you hire a team of IT outsourcing consultants. Such benefits increase when you consider they can better help you scale up your IT capabilities for future growth. Their leadership can meet with yours to create specific plans that account for your oil and gas company’s direction, including provisions on how you can update your technology capabilities in the field. Long-term preparations are vital to moving your business forward.

#7 Enhanced Peace of Mind

Eventually, it comes down to how you feel about the technology in your field offices. If you and your people scramble to manage IT and experience the repercussions of outages, security breaches, and more, then outsourcing your IT will allay your fears. You need a service that ensures the technology works so you can focus on your actual oil and gas operations.

Increase the Quality of Your IT Field Support with Outsourced IT Consultants

The people working in the field for your oil and gas company deserve the best technology services possible. IT requires a specialized skillset, care, and attention so your business can achieve sustained success.

The EAG Inc. IT team truly is a one-stop shop for all IT needs in the oil and gas industry – our goal is to optimize IT for our clients, and we continue to refine our skills and expand our knowledge base to enable their long-term success. Contact us to learn more.