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EAG Foundations

Power Your Business With A Solid Foundation.

Software As A Service: report packs

Dynamic, accurate reporting and analytics from day 1 with EAG Foundations’ Report Packs – industry leading reports, no development needed. 

Software As A Service: data warehouse

Secure, scalable BI infrastructure with EAG Foundations’ Data Warehouse – quick connect configurations that pulls data from a variety of sources in a unified cloud platform for streamlined data analysis.

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We can:

Review Your Current Systems

Examine Your Data Sources

Explore Areas of Improvement

EAF Foundations Report Packs turn data into insights immediately

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IT Outsourcing Services: cloud and infrastructure

Showcase EAG Foundations Cloud-Based Data Warehouse

consulting services: System & Infrastructure Health Checks

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EAG Services, Your Proven Service Partner
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“With the help of EAG, the integrity of our data and the format of our data is now primed for the picking, whether we are divesting or acquiring”.


E&P Company

“We would not have the ability to build dashboards like this without EAG, and they will continue to evolve. Our company is ecstatic about it”.​

Land Manager

E&P Company

“Your PowerBI gurus are transformational, to have the PowerBI dashboards so easy to use saves us a ton of time, especially from a Land executive standpoint. We can now see all the shut-in information and decide whether it’s impactful or not.”

Land Manager

E&P Company

Built To Enable A Strong Foundation.

E&P Company After EAG Foundations

IT Outsourcing Services: cloud and infrastructure

Enterprise cloud-based platform for collaborative decision making.

Access data in minutes for immediate analysis and decision making.

Plug and Play reporting with little to no reliance on IT.​

consulting services: System & Infrastructure Health Checks

A single data warehouse that combines data instantly from various sources.​

E&P Company Before EAG Foundations

Hours of time spent manually gathering disparate data.

Inaccurate, and inconsistent reporting from various source systems.

Lengthy and costly development delaying access to key insights.​

Siloed decision making with no single source of truth.