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Experience the power of intelligent document management with M-Files.

EAG + M-Files

EAG is a trusted Reseller of M-Files, offering businesses access to powerful document management and workflow software. As a Reseller, EAG provides expert consultation, implementation, configuration, training, and ongoing support to help businesses get the most out of M-Files.

Find Documents Based on "What" They Are Not "Where" They Are

Easy Access To Documents

Centralized document storing with metadata tags, making it easy to search and boosting productivity.


Integration with other tools allowing for seamless data transfer and elimination of data silos.


Set user permissions to control who can access, modify, or delete documents with audit trails and history.

consulting services: automation & integration


Automate document-related workflows, such as approval processes, document review cycles, and document routing.


Compatible with businesses of any size and can handle many documents and users.

User-Friendly Interface

Easy to use, requiring minimal training and reducing the learning curve for new users.


Collaborate on the latest version of documents, no matter the location with version control capabilities, and check-in/check-out functionality.

Mobile Access

Useful for businesses with remote teams or employees who need to access documents while on the go.

link to the Reporting & Analytics report packs

Data Analytics

Powerful data analytics, enabling businesses to gain insights into document usage, improve processes, and make informed decisions.

EAG + M-Files By The Numbers

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Implemenations with 250+ Users
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Improvement in categorizing and indexing documents
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More efficient searching for information and documentation
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Customers’ use of M-Files for document management yields high returns.
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