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How EAG Transformed A Company’s Land Department

EAG’s Application Management and Support team is providing key technical and functional application expertise to a client whose Land department recently underwent a major digital transformation. This private, midland based E&P company started operations in 2015 and has a growth strategy of acquiring and developing conventional and unconventional oil properties in the Permian Basin. The company hired EAG to manage and execute the activities required to implement a new single Land system and migrate the existing data that was housed in three disparate systems as a result of recent acquisitions.  

EAG successfully completed this initiative for the company which produced reliable data, and accurate reporting on existing assets; positioning them to continue the momentum of growth through future acquisitions. To take their operational efficiencies to the next level, the company currently engages EAG to provide technical and functional support over their newly implemented Land system, in addition to report optimization services.  

EAG’s Application Management and Support team’s scope expands far beyond just resolving the day-to-day application defects that may occur for this client. Our team is managing the overall health of the client’s Land system and resolving the application issues that cause major hindrances to business continuity, pose serious financial implications, while mitigating other risks. The experts at EAG are well-equipped to handle security design and maintenance inquiries, manage upgrades and additional acquisitions, design reports and dashboards, facilitate end user testing and training, and manage vendor communication for the client all through a single, user-friendly support portal.  

The client is benefiting from EAG’s ability to quickly identify the application defects as they arise, understand the severity of the issues, assess the enterprise impact, and execute timely resolution plans. The reports that were delivered during the initial system implementation bring unmatched insight into the company’s existing acreage, provisions, and obligations, and EAG continues refining the reports for even greater drill-down capabilities and transparency. We are flexible – providing this client with remote support services, or onsite support depending on their need. Now, the client has greater knowledge of their Land system, and more control over their day to take on value-added initiatives.