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How EAG Took A Clients’ Midstream Accounting Department To The Next Level.

EAG took a Midstream Oil & Gas company’s Accounting operations to the NEXT LEVEL by implementing a transparent, user-friendly, integrated reporting solution leveraging Microsoft’s reporting stack. This Houston-based company focuses on acquiring, developing, operating, and optimizing natural gas and natural gas liquids infrastructure throughout Texas and bordering states. Their success is based on unwavering commitment to their customers, stakeholders, community, and environment.

They currently use a best-in-class ERP system to handle their Accounting and Plant Accounting activities with a bolt on reporting solution. However, they lacked the insight needed to produce core financial reports and found the existing reporting solution to be cumbersome and ineffective because reports had to be manually created.

In just 15 days, EAG collaborated with key stakeholders to gather the data elements required to deploy the new and improved reports, built integrations, designed user views, set up security, facilitated testing, training, and successfully delivered robust Financial Reports, and Profit & Loss Statements that provide intel the company was lacking before. Stakeholders no longer need to spend hours manually manipulating their data, and the on-demand access to their data eliminates days of data analysis they were previously required to perform before handing – off to leadership.

Through EAG’s deep knowledge of the ERP system, coupled with proficiency in the Microsoft reporting stack, the NEXT LEVEL reports delivered provide an “app-like” user experience, allowing stakeholders and leadership to easily understand trends with visualizations, and provide unparalleled flexibility by easily enabling users to alternate between different views. EAG will implement additional reporting solutions including AFE and custom reports to continue taking this company to the NEXT LEVEL.