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EAG Inc announce the Acquisition of Revica.io, LLC

EAG Inc announce the Acquisition of Revica.io, LLC

Revica.io, LLC, a firm with 20+ years of experience in mobile and web application design and development joins forces with EAG to create practical and innovative web-based solutions for the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry.

Houston, Texas – March 3, 2022: EAG Services and EAG 1Source (collectively known as “EAG”), a privately held oil and gas consulting and outsourcing organization, announced the acquisition of Revica.io, LLC (Revica). Revica is a top-tier, Houston-based development company specializing in custom web application development, online marketing, and video production. The Revica team is recognized for developing creative mobile and web applications to solve complex business problems.

EAG focuses on providing practical solutions for upstream and midstream clients and has collaborated with Revica for 16+ years. Lindsey Mersman, Chief Revenue Officer at EAG, said, “By merging Revica into EAG, we can offer our clients the flexibility to automate processes and generate results by developing custom solutions utilizing the newest technology.”

“The extensive history and relationship that EAG and Revica have experienced has made this new endeavor one of the most exciting collaborations in my career, as well as the careers of the Revica team,” said John Phillippe, President of Revica.io.

EAG’s Chief Digital Officer, Dave Supp added, “I’m excited to have Revica join the EAG Digital Services team. Their strong focus on user experience design combined with EAG’s deep industry knowledge will greatly enhance our digital product offerings.”

“The merging of Revica with EAG was a strategic decision for our companies. Revica’s proven track record and ability to create user-friendly solutions that generate time and cost savings for customers align with EAG’s values and mission. Over the years, we have shown that together we can deliver quality results to our clients. I look forward to continuing our collaboration and bridging the gaps between off-the-shelf industry applications and unique client business requirements.”

– Elizabeth Gerbel, CEO, EAG Services and EAG 1Source




About EAG:

EAG Services and EAG 1Source (collectively “EAG”) is a Houston-based, privately held consulting, back-office outsourcing, and IT outsourcing firm that delivers services exclusively to the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry. EAG supports clients of all sizes and business models through every stage of their company lifecycle, and only hires industry professionals with deep oil and gas functional and technical expertise. The company was founded by Chief Executive Officer, Elizabeth Gerbel in 2003, and is most referred firm in the industry.