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Application Management & Support team is like healthcare for your technology landscape and key applications. Our EAG Application Support team is responsible for making sure your applications run smoothly by often responding to functional and technical problems that occur abruptly and require immediate attention. We create innovative solutions and deploy fixes around data, software errors, configurations, application security, reporting, and integrations.


EAG is rooted in the oil and gas industry with 19+ years of experience, possessing deep knowledge of numerous industry-leading applications. We have built strong industry relationships with leading software vendors, industry thought leaders, and other 3rd party resources with the goal of simplifying the complexity of your processes by maximizing the use of software.  

Through our exposure to a range of different client types and sizes, there is not a single application issue we have not been exposed to – no matter the severity or intracity. See below for the applications we currently support.









Application issues and defects are inevitable, and to add even more convolution, they do not just occur when day-to-day operations are running as planned. Most of the time, issues arise when employees are working on high-profile tasks and projects. This leads to disruption of business continuity across departments, causes unnecessary stress on employees, and forces people to create off-system workarounds which can result in severe financial and timing implications.


To improve the health of our clients’ technology landscape, and adjust to the “new normal” of lowering FTE count and G&A spend, EAG created a team of highly qualified application experts that fill the Internal Business Analysts role for our clients. Formally known as the “EAG Application Support team”, our scope expands far beyond just resolving the day-to-day application defects that may arise; our critical functional and technical expertise enables us to solve the correct problem(s) or get to the “root” faster. Additionally, we provide value to our clients by:

  • Quickly identifying the application defects when they arise.
  • Understanding the severity of the issues, assessing the enterprise impact, and executing a resolution plan that covers it all.
  • Serving as the liaison between the client and software vendor, planning and coordinating patches and fixes for your environments.
  • Being available when you need us. Since every member of our team is knowledgeable, we do not have to route issue(s) to more senior-level resources or keep clients on hold for long during troubleshooting sessions.
  • Collaborating with your software vendors to create lasting solutions instead of band aide fixes.
  • Providing comprehensive support through system upgrades, integrations, automations, and configurations.
  • Delivering custom reports with drill-down capabilities for greater transparency


The EAG Application Support team has a collective sense of urgency – we understand that delayed responses to application issues pose serious financial implications and other risks. Which is why each member of our application support team is well-equipped to handle a multitude of challenges, delivering a consistent and calculated client experience. We are easily accessible and will clear out our entire day to help clients run critical processes, taking our clients from “in que” to first in line.

Our technical expertise, coupled with our deep knowledge of key functional oil and gas areas such as Revenue, JIB (Joint Interest Billing), Land and Division Order, allow us to analyze the big picture, study your core application architecture, and verify that data is feeding in and out of the right systems as expected.


Partnering with EAG is unique to other vendors because our team intentionally creates a collaborative working environment, making our team just an extension of our clients’ teams. Additionally, we work with your software vendors on your behalf, create “leave behind” materials for you to always refer to, and perform, “final walk throughs” once we have implemented a fix to ensure your applications are working as expected.

Our pricing model is proven to save clients money on overhead costs – you only pay for what you need, and never more. We deliver greater value to our clients, giving them more control of their day, greater knowledge through best practices and training, and better predictability with thorough maintenance and communication.

We simplify the complex world of oil and gas application support. Contact EAG to learn how we can help your unique business.