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System Health Checks

Insights to support the longevity of your business.

System Health Checks

EAG’s System Health Check service offering is designed to pinpoint the strengths of your back-office systems and processes, and highlight areas that could use a boost. The EAG team analyzes and ”grades” your firm’s current software performance, configuration, security, overall data quality, and functional processes, including Land, Accounting, and Production. Followed by mapping an ideal future state and actionable next steps with the goal of maximizing your technology investment.

Clients Benefit From

An Overall Assessment of Your Technology Infrastructure

Greater Insight Into Your Technology’s Performance

An Understanding of Potential Risks

Process Improvement Opportunities By Functional Area

A Roadmap With Quick Wins, & Long Term Enhancements

Importance Of Health Checks

In both aging and newly installed systems, it’s important to understand all factors associated with the technology’s design and your overall infrastructure. EAG is a software-agnostic, objective third party, with deep oil and gas functional knowledge. Our System Health Checks equip you with insights that might otherwise be overlooked, supporting the longevity of your business.

“EAG’s consultants understand how oil and gas businesses operate fundamentally – down to the timing of accounting close cycles, how systems should be integrated, and how data needs to flow between systems. We ensure clients’ businesses are fully connected – energizing them to tackle high-priority tasks each day and focus on value-driven KPIs for their organizations.”

Chris Petropulos,
VP, Consulting Services

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