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Team Augmentation

Supplement your existing workforce with highly qualified EAG professionals

Team Augmentation

The Team Augmentation service offering involves supplementing an existing workforce with highly-qualified EAG professionals to address specific skill gaps, meet increased demands, or complete projects within a specified timeframe.

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We Provide Clients With:

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Land Administration

Division Order

Back Office Outsourcing Services: team augmentation

Owner Relations

Reporting Support

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Master Data Setup & Maintenance

AP, JIB and AR Report Pack

SOC & SOX Management

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Regulatory Reporting

IT Outsourcing Services

Our Expertise

Rather than hiring full-time employees, staff augmentation allows organizations to temporarily or continuously bring in supplemental talent without the long-term commitment and overhead costs associated with traditional hiring, training and retaining. This enables our clients to quickly scale up or down their workforce based on fluctuating business needs and resource changes. EAG can perform any back-office outsourcing activity, special projects including data cleanup activities, auditing, FERC reporting and more.

Case Studies

“Our back-office outsourcing team at EAG consists of highly qualified, experienced oil and gas accounting, land, and production professionals who execute ongoing back-office functions for both upstream and midstream oil and gas companies, reducing G&A spend and other costs.”

Ahmed Taher
VP, Business Process Outsourcing

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