Eag Foundations Uses Quorum’s On Demand Data Hub Empowering Self-Service Data Analysis

Eag Foundations Uses Quorum’s On Demand Data Hub Empowering Self-Service Data Analysis. In this interview, Vice President of Digital Services at EAG, Dave Supp discusses EAG Foundations – which consists of plug-and-play report packs, along with a secure and scalable data warehouse. EAG Foundations, in collaboration with Quorum’s On Demand Data Hub, has become an […]

From Silos to Synergy: Why Cloud-Based Data Warehousing Is Essential For Oil & Gas Companies.

FUELING EFFICIENCY & STABILITY    As the oil and gas industry shifts its ways of working, increasingly becoming more digital, data has become one of the most valuable assets companies possess. Data plays a critical role in decision-making processes across all levels of the organization. From reservoir analysis to production optimization, to lease valuation, and more, […]

Accelerating Time to Value with EAG Foundations.

OIL AND GAS DIGITAL DOERS AN OGGN PODCAST Accelerating time to valuewith EAG Foundations In this episode, Oil and Gas Global Network (OGGN) host JoAnn Meyers talks with Ryan Tart, Senior Manager of Business Development at EAG, and Michael Foderetti, Senior Director at Quorum Software about EAG’s product solution: EAG Foundations. EAG Foundations provides oil […]

How EAG Took A Clients’ Midstream Accounting Department To The Next Level.

EAG took a Midstream Oil & Gas company’s Accounting operations to the NEXT LEVEL by implementing a transparent, user-friendly, integrated reporting solution leveraging Microsoft’s reporting stack. This Houston-based company focuses on acquiring, developing, operating, and optimizing natural gas and natural gas liquids infrastructure throughout Texas and bordering states. Their success is based on unwavering commitment to their […]

How Reporting Architecture Can Improve with Back-Office Outsourcing

As technology becomes more powerful and more accessible, our expectations of its abilities grow in equal measure. The power of pure number-crunching and the reports generated from Big Data reflect such assumptions. However, all of these advancements are for naught if your company struggles to build a reporting architecture that makes your information usable. Thankfully, […]