The Reality of Digital Process Automation

When companies grow and diversify, they frequently find themselves facing a good, yet frustrating problem: their success has created the need to simplify core processes so people can focus on more specialized work. While the assembly line has been the solution for traditional companies, modern businesses need to look to digital process automation (DPA) for […]

Machine Learning in the Oil & Gas Industry

From checking your email and scrolling through Netflix to self-driving cars and healthcare decisions, machine learning is a large part of our daily world. However, most of us assume it’s used only by people building artificially intelligent robots. In reality, it’s all around us, but most people don’t understand the technology or its larger applications […]

How Digital Solutions Scale Oil & Gas Operations

Whether you work for an upstream company, midstream, or downstream, implementing a digital transformation strategy in these five areas will help you sustain success, despite external factors. Big data Asset management Field operations Cybersecurity Business processes Effective and forward-thinking digitalization has never been more crucial to the life and vitality of your company. Big Data […]

Digital Transformation & Outsourcing Land

A HIGH-ACHIEVING CULTURE.  Founded in 2018, Acacia Exploration Partners, LLC is a private oil and gas operating company engaged in the acquisition, development and production of oil and natural gas. The company culture is based on the premise of striving for extreme efficiency, and a disciplined approach to growth with the ultimate vision of exploiting high-value investment […]

Disruptive Technologies in the Oil & Gas Industry

Disruption has been a buzzword for more than a decade now. It’s been used across various industries to describe an intentional change to the traditional way of doing things. Whether it’s a product, process, service, or approach, the end goal of disruption is to introduce a dramatic improvement that replaces outdated thinking. However, the oil […]

What Digital Transformation Looks like in the Oil & Gas Industry

For better or worse, the oil and gas industry can be pretty resistant to change — and going digital is no exception. The digitization of communications, processes, and procedures can be difficult for any industry, but for oil and gas, the hurdles are exceptionally tall. Strict reporting standards and regulations slow down the change to […]