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An integrated Business Intelligence (BI) solution should be a standard, foundational tool in every oil and gas organization’s toolkit.


Data is the foundation of every oil and gas business and the basis for all reporting and analytics. The wide range of data available from various sources often requires immediate organization, integration, and interpretation for timely decision making, productivity, and overall performance.

However, a major pain area for oil and gas companies is the general distrust in their organization’s data. Data is often located in disparate systems and used by different teams for work specific to their function, resulting in unclear business definitions or a true, objective understanding of the data, redundancies across departments, and the continual circulation of inaccurate information. The lack of structure means valuable time is wasted on collecting, summarizing, and organizing the data in usable formats, even with a heavy reliance on IT. The type of information includes internal company data from transaction systems, and external data from owners, partners, vendors, customers, regulatory agencies, and more.

An integrated Business Intelligence (BI) solution should be a standard, foundational tool in every oil and gas organization’s toolkit that unifies data across systems, produces accurate reporting and analytics, and empowers team members to make intelligent business decisions with actionable insights.


The ideal BI solution provides a centralized, trusted, and secure platform with the technology to store and organize an array of cross-functional, undefined company data into a single source of truth. The solution should be highly configurable, flexible, and require little to no reliance on IT. Team members across every level of the organization should have the ability to access data any time and, in any reporting format, which includes customizable, scalable reports, visuals with drill-down capabilities, and dashboards.

Furthermore, with the uniformity of data intact, key reports used for analysis and decision making can be produced in a matter of seconds without manual effort or wasted time. This eliminates the pressure to take shortcuts for the sake of making decisions, removes the risk in operating with erroneous information, and maximizes productivity with optimized resource allocation.


A robust BI solution that is a foundational element in the overall performance of an oil and gas business should contain several components:

  • Consolidated Data Sources: Organizations have an array of data available that are needed for proper reporting and analytics. This includes structured data from transactional systems and external data sources, as well as data from emails, other forms of organizational communications, and off-system spreadsheets. Integrating data from each source brings its own unique set of challenges. A BI solution should address these challenges through its data storage frameworks.
  • Timely: By the time teams go through the process of manually collecting and summarizing their data, it is often too late to take action on it. Having an integrated BI solution that organizes and unifies data significantly increases the speed of decision making and builds greater trust across departments. Highly sophisticated reports can be produced in seconds compared to days / weeks before.
  • Single-Source of Truth: Getting information into usable formats with data located in disparate source systems, including off-system platforms creates unnecessary obstacles for the business, and introduces a high probability for human error. A robust BI solution changes the paradigm from 80% of the time spent gathering the data to 80% of the time spent analyzing and taking action.
  •  Drives Common Understanding: A BI solution creates a universal understanding of key business and data definitions, as well as commonly understood nuances of the business, data hierarchies, and reference data. As a result, a consistent structure and enforcement eliminates confusion between teams and increases collaboration.


Having the proper BI solution that provides trusted, well-integrated and well-managed data is essential to realize the desired reporting and analytical capabilities.

EAG Foundations provides oil and gas organizations with dynamic, robust, plug and play report packs ready for immediate use, and a secure, scalable data warehouse that automatically pulls data from a variety of sources in a unified cloud platform for streamlined data analysis. Once deployed, these products remove the process of siloed decision making as the data warehouse organizes and structures data in a common format, making it easy for cross-functional teams to get reliable, accurate data fast.

Additionally, teams no longer need to rely on IT, or other manual methods to collect, summarize, and interpret data since the EAG Foundations report packs provide data ready for analysis in seconds via customizable, scalable reports, visuals with drill-down capabilities, and dashboards. The report packs include Financial Reporting, AP-JIB-AR, Lease Operating Statements, AFE, Land Administration, Revenue & Division Order, and can connect with any business application. Contact EAG to learn more about how these products can benefit your company, and explore our hosting options.