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EAG is proud to announce their first ever product line: EAG Foundations.

EAG Foundations offers plug and play report packs, along with a secure and scalable data warehouse built on a cloud-based infrastructure. This pioneering solution is designed to transform the way oil and gas companies manage and analyze data.


Houston, TX – January 26, 2023: EAG is proud to announce their first ever product line: EAG Foundations. EAG Foundations offers dynamic, accurate reporting and analytics for oil and gas companies, along with a secure, scalable BI infrastructure that pulls data from a variety of sources in a unified cloud platform.


EAG Foundations removes the process of siloed decision making as the data warehouse organizes and structures data in a common format, making it easy for cross-functional teams to get reliable data fast. Additionally, teams no longer need to rely on IT, or other manual methods to collect, summarize, and interpret data. The EAG Foundations report packs provide data ready for analysis in seconds via standardized but scalable reports, visuals with drill-down capabilities, and dashboards.


“We have spent the last few years working to develop reports that meet our clients’ business requirements and simplify decision making.  With Foundations, we have focused our industry and technical knowledge into an innovative, plug and play reporting and analytical experience that goes beyond customer expectations.  I am proud of the product we have created and look forward to launching additional creative solutions to generate value for our industry.”   

– Elizabeth A. Gerbel, Founder and CEO of EAG 


The report packs include: Financial Reporting, Accounts Payable, Joint Interest Billing, Accounts Receivable, Lease Operating Statements, Authorization for Expenditures, Land Administration, Revenue, and Division Order, and can connect with any industry business application.


“Foundations is an invigorating, fresh solution that gives our clients what they need most – actionable insights from their business-critical data. It was designed with intention to be clean and simple, undoubtedly providing a positive experience for the end-user. We’re proud of the work we’ve done, and excited to extend our reach as the preferred provider in the industry!”  

Scott Bickford, Senior Director, Software Engineering


The oil and gas industry is constantly evolving, and EAG is proud to offer a product that matches its demanding pace. EAG Foundations was built to be flexible and adaptable, ensuring that companies of all sizes and in all stages of their development can benefit.


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About EAG:  

EAG is a Houston-based, privately held consulting, back-office outsourcing, and IT outsourcing firm that delivers services exclusively to the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry. EAG supports clients of all sizes and business models through every stage of their company lifecycle, and staffs’ industry professionals with deep oil and gas functional and technical expertise. The company was founded by Chief Executive Officer, Elizabeth Gerbel in 2003, and is the #1 most referred firm in the industry.


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