From Silos to Synergy: Why Cloud-Based Data Warehousing Is Essential For Oil & Gas Companies.

FUELING EFFICIENCY & STABILITY    As the oil and gas industry shifts its ways of working, increasingly becoming more digital, data has become one of the most valuable assets companies possess. Data plays a critical role in decision-making processes across all levels of the organization. From reservoir analysis to production optimization, to lease valuation, and more, […]

Power Your Business With A Strong Foundation

An integrated Business Intelligence (BI) solution should be a standard, foundational tool in every oil and gas organization’s toolkit. EAG FOUNDATIONS Data is the foundation of every oil and gas business and the basis for all reporting and analytics. The wide range of data available from various sources often requires immediate organization, integration, and interpretation […]

EAG Knows Applications

EAG APPLICATION SUPPORT; DEFINED: Application Management & Support team is like healthcare for your technology landscape and key applications. Our EAG Application Support team is responsible for making sure your applications run smoothly by often responding to functional and technical problems that occur abruptly and require immediate attention. We create innovative solutions and deploy fixes around […]

7 Reasons Back-Office Outsourcing is the Ideal Strategy

A lot of work goes into cultivating a successful business. Unfortunately, many of those processes — such as human resources and information technology — have nothing to do with the actual product or service you’re delivering. When you hire a top-tier back-office outsourcing firm, professionals handle all of those essential administrative tasks on your behalf. In […]

5 Reasons Your Oil and Gas Company Needs Consultants

Even the most sophisticated oil and gas company will eventually run up against problems and opportunities outside of their expertise, especially if they want to expand. Thankfully, there are consultants who specialize in oil and gas and you can rely on their years of deep knowledge for guidance on your current or future situation. Some […]

7 Top Oil and Gas Industry Technology Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Despite reports assessing low marks in overall digital maturity and adoption, the oil and gas industry stands upon a precipice with its relationship to technology. More and more companies are purchasing enterprise software packages with the intent of streamlining operations and improving real-time data processing. However, business leaders must understand how the services can impact […]

How Data Integration Consulting Helps the Oil & Gas Industry

You walked into the office that morning seeking answers about a problem in your lead field office. According to the project lead, some discrepancies about key extraction and distribution processes had arisen, but you didn’t have a clear picture of the issues because of muddled data. The information was there amidst the reports from various […]

What You Didn’t Know About Land Administration in the Oil & Gas Industry

The land administration department of your average oil and gas company manages the crucial back-office functions for the firm’s exploration and production efforts. This critical work involves all manner of land asset care, including negotiating agreements, maintaining leases and contracts, analyzing their production and profitability, and more. In this article, we will discuss: The three […]

How Back-Office Outsourcing Can Take Your Company to the Next Level

No matter the size, every business eventually reaches the point where they must decide whether to remain at the status-quo or change directions if they want to continue being successful. With back-office outsourcing, your company can pursue a more focused and strategic course of action that helps you take the right steps forward. In this […]

What you Should Know About Oil & Gas Accounting

Accounting for the oil and gas industry isn’t for the faint of heart. You must possess a deep breadth of knowledge about contemporary financial techniques and how they apply to the energy industry. In this article, we’ll touch on the following: The concept of best practices The fundamentals of oil and gas accounting The key […]